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Robert BellRobert G. Bell, Ph.D. is president and owner of Drug and Biotechnology Development LLC, a consultancy to the pharmaceutical industry and academia for biological, drug, and device development.

It’s not as easy as it sounds. Going solo, living life without a net can be a daunting challenge, especially in today’s economic climate. And fear, especially the fear of failure, is one of the biggest impediments preventing one from reaching their potential—it kills great businesses before they start. But never taking a chance on your dreams can be the biggest failure of all.

Some questions you need to ask yourself before considering pharmaceutical consulting:

• Do you have what it takes?

• Are you qualified to be a consultant?

• Do you have good problem solving, decision making, project and time management skills?

• Are you service oriented?

• Do you mind working 24/7?

• Do you have the finances to start a business?

If you answered yes to the above questions, besides considering mental health care, you should attend the upcoming AAPS professional development session Risk, Rejection, Failure, and Reward: The Joys of Starting Your Own Company, hosted by David Mitchell, Ph.D., and myself. The session will provide practical tips on starting your own company including the business plan, company naming, registrations, financial, social networking, and business opportunities. So whether it has been a dream of yours or the result of a recent employment nightmare, starting your own company may be the job you have always wanted. Stop by and find out.