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By Lauryn Bolds

Layrn Bolds

My day at the USA Science and Engineering Festival was fun as well as educational, from the time I walked in to the time I left. The first booth I went to taught me how to make silly putty! We poured glue into a cup, a drop of food coloring into the glue, poured borax into the cup, and stirred all of the materials together.

The next booth I went to had circus physics. They had stilts for people who wanted to see how it felt to stand on them, so I volunteered. At first, when I stepped onto the stilts, it was really hard to walk. Lauryn Bolds The second time I tried, I was able to stand, but only for a few moments.

I got to meet the Science Cheerleaders, who cheer professionally and who are actual scientists. They were very encouraging to me, especially since I just made an All-Star competitive cheer team! Another booth I went to taught us how DNA works. I learned that DNA is the instructions on how we are made.

I had the opportunity to participate in a competition where each person had to build a tower out of toothpicks and gumdrops. We were judged on how tall we could build the towers and if it could remain standing after being shaken for five seconds. I’m proud to say that, at 26 inches tall, my tower won!

Working at the AAPS booth was very exciting and a really good learning experience. I learned how pills actually work inside your body. I was able to demonstrate and explain to the attendees that a pill dissolving in a test tube is similar to a pill dissolving in the body after drinking a glass of water. As I want to be a kindergarten teacher, this experience gave me a chance to get a feel for teaching. I would surely do this again!

My day at the USA Science and Engineering Festival was fun as well as cool! I learned so much while I was there. I would recommend this experience for anyone who likes science, technology, or math.

Lauryn Bolds is a 7th grader at College Park Academy in Adelphi, Maryland. When not attending science festivals, Lauryn enjoys cheerleading. Mathematics, reading, and science are her favorite subjects.