tenmplate for set 6This month’s roundup features sleep needs, military brain implants, FDA public data, a bionic pancreas, more suicide attempts, a computer in a pill, and a controversial autism treatment.

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‘Arrogance’ of Ignoring Need for Sleep, by James Gallagher, BBC, May 12

Military Plans To Test Brain Implants To Fight Mental Disorders, by Jon Hamilton, National Public Radio, May 27

FDA Launches openFDA to Provide Easy Access to Valuable FDA Public Data, WorldPharmaNews, June 13

Father Devises A ‘Bionic Pancreas’ To Help Son With Diabetes, by Rob Stein, National Public Radio, June 16

Government Warnings about Antidepressants May Have Led to More Suicide Attempts, by Brady Dennis, Washington Post, June 18

Someday Soon You May Swallow a Computer with Your Pill, by Alex Madrigal, National Public Radio, June 18

The FDA May Ban the Treatment Keeping Our Daughter Alive, by Mitchell and Marsha Shear, Washington Post, June 24