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By Todd Reitzel

Todd ReitzelThere is a lot of pharmaceutical research being done out there, and publishing that research is a big endeavor, with tens of thousands of researchers submitting research, hundreds of editors vetting it, and tens of thousands of reviewers providing their expert comments.

Scopus has indexed 700 pharmaceutical journals worldwide being actively published. Multiply that by the annual article count for each of those journals, and that means a tremendous amount of pharmaceutical science being disseminated every year.

Where in this huge endeavor is the place for your research? With so many options, how do you find the right way to disseminate your work?

This week, the AAPS Blog offers you several perspectives on journal publishing to help answer those questions. There are thoughts from a graduate student, advice by video from an experienced journal editor, a copyright primer from one of our AAPS publications staff, and finally the perspective of a recent graduate who will be moderating a session at the upcoming 2014 AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition.

Visit us each day this week to read and to comment. And then consider attending the annual meeting session to learn even more.

Todd joined AAPS in 2012 with 20 years of experience in scholarly and scientific publishing and a keen interest in Web publishing and electronic learning. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and history and, in his spare time, enjoys basketball, gardening, and cooking.