By Todd Reitzel

Todd ReitzelThe 2015 AAPS Leadership Retreat held in February focused on strategic visioning. Numerous AAPS leaders from the Executive Council and the sections, joined by staff directors, met for three days to creatively review and refine AAPS’ mission, vision, and values. We also began brainstorming some strategic initiatives that should help AAPS fulfill its mission going forward. Expect to see more details about AAPS’ strategic plan and initiatives later this year.

One exciting outcome of this process was the suggestion to build on the success of the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition Jamboree. The Jamboree has been held every year since 2005 to plan the Annual Meeting for the next year. Representatives of sections and focus groups convene to collaboratively develop themes and content that will attract scientists and advance the discipline. Because the Jamboree has been so successful, AAPS has decided to inaugurate additional party themes for its other programs.

shutterstock_2933684So next year, AAPS will proudly introduce the eLearning Hootenanny. Designed to collaboratively brainstorm the next year’s ecourses and webinars in a fun atmosphere, the Hootenanny will identify the best ideas for elearning in pharmaceutical science. It will, of course, be conducted via live streaming.

Also next year, AAPS will premiere its Foundation Shindig. The AAPS Foundation was begun in 2013 to enhance pharmaceutical science research and increase the development of scientists who are prepared to engage research. The Shindig will convene the past year’s Foundation donors to celebrate past success, as well as to energize and motivate efforts to solicit donations in the next 12 months.

One initiative that excites me as director of publications is the AAPS Publications Kegger. Also known as the Pubs Kegger, this fun event will convene editors, authors, and Publications Committee members to plan for the next year’s publications themes and initiatives. AAPS will also reward and recognize reviewers by inviting them to the Kegger. AAPS leaders think that the Kegger will go a long way to putting “pubs” back into AAPS Publications.

AAPS will continue to explore additional party themes for its program planning events. For example, the International Affairs Committee is currently deciding whether to hold a Fete or a Kaffeeklatsch. The Northeast Regional Discussion Group is contemplating holding a Clambake. And the Student/Postdoctoral Outreach & Development Committee may hold a Spring Binge.

Do you have a party idea that you wish AAPS would adopt? If so, please make suggestions in the comments below. But hurry! April Fools Day is almost over…

Todd Reitzel joined AAPS in 2012 with 20 years of experience in scholarly and scientific publishing and a keen interest in Web publishing and electronic learning. He holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and history and, in his spare time, enjoys basketball, gardening, and cooking.