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By Meredith Weston

Meredith WestonBehind every amazing pharmaceutical breakthrough (and its accompanying multibillion-dollar marketing program) are a bunch of under-funded scientists, sharing their ideas and discoveries, with the goal of finding the innovation that cures a disease. Innovation is a product of scientists who cross paths, read posters, and consider someone else’s ideas. Innovation isn’t a single athlete breaking the plane of the goal line for a touchdown to win the game; it’s the team, working together on a drive to get the first down. AAPS has been a loyal fan of that team for 30 years.

Perusing the poster halls of a conference is an invaluable opportunity to interact with other scientists in your field (or even outside your field) in a structured and time efficient way. In 2015, the AAPS Annual Meeting and Exposition hosted a vast exchange of the latest and greatest scientific advances and the brilliant minds behind it all. With over 2,000 posters presented on the hall floor, research was on parade, thus innovation was undoubtedly manifesting. Take for instance our Graduate Student Award Winners:


Brandon Lucke-Wold, West Virginia University

BrandonExplored vascular disruption and the role it plays in a concussion and consequently presented a novel approach for the treatment of concussions.




Taraka Sai Pavan Grandhi, Arizona State University

Taraka Grandhi_picReported on a novel hydrogel that captures tumor dormancy, relapse, and micrometastases.




Andres Olivares-Morales, University of Manchester

AndresWas able to draw conclusions on using a novel simplified absorption PBPK model to predict the higher bioavailability observed for Oxybutynin’s OROS formulation compared to the Immediate-Release (IR) tablet.



For the first time ever, AAPS is hosting an open-access, online, live event during which you can interact with our top three award-winning poster authors from the 2015 Annual Meeting. You and your colleagues can get in on the discussion on Thursday, January 14, at noon ET! Register today!

Meredith Weston, M.S. is the eLearning Program Manager at AAPS.