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BY: Prathap Shastri

Quick Perspective GraphicQuick Perspective on Google’s new app lets users conduct scientific research on their phones

This is a valiant effort by Google to introduce an Android app to facilitate experiments based on sound and light measurement. With such advancements in technology, I will not be surprised if there will be a day when we can start to use apps on our smartphones and tablets to collect and integrate data from HPLC and mass specs, and also possibly perform electrocardiographic monitoring using smartphones in the hospitals! Smartphone-compatible medical devices are already making into market and there has been an increased amount of research on bringing smartphones to clinic. It will be great to see technology blend with researchers’ needs and facilitate experiments in the labs as well!

Do you have any creative ideas on how you would like to use your smartphones in your day-to-day research?

PRATHAP SHASTRI works for the ADME/DMPK group at Charles River Laboratories in Ashland, Ohio. Prior to joining Charles river laboratories, he worked at Seventh Wave Laboratories working as a principal investigator for the PDM group.